LGS deserves an applause

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dear Editor,

Vince Lomardi once said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

During the periods June 17-21 and July 15-22, these words rang true in Lunenburg County as a multitude of individuals came together to host two successful tournaments, the 2016 District I Dixie Girls Softball Darlings and Ponytails tournament, and the 2016 Virginia Dixie Girls Debs State tournament, at Bolter Field in Kenbridge.

Mother Nature brought rain to the area during both tournaments which caused delays and rescheduling. However, there were many individuals working diligently, both on and behind the scenes, to keep things running.

While the 2016 Dixie State Debs tournament had it’s share of additional challenges, negative verbal and social media comments and unlawful behavior, it was evident Lunenburg Girls Softball (LGS) is a family and a community that never quits.

As for the negativity, while the behavior of others cannot be changed, LGS can, and did, rise above, turn the other cheek and forge ahead. What a great example we have set for others to follow, and that is what it is all about — giving back and encouraging positive behavior.

Words cannot adequately describe the heartfelt thanks which goes out to everyone who volunteered their time and resources. In our everyday lives, whether is be school, work or sports, teamwork is a word often heard. What a wonderful display of teamwork by the LGS family. Thank you to everyone, young and old that volunteered and worked countless hours to host two successful events.

Becky Fowler