Transparency is good for schools

Published 1:23 pm Wednesday, August 24, 2016

At the school board’s August meeting, Superintendent Charles Berkley Jr. reiterated Lunenburg County Public Schools will continue to promise transparency to area officials and school staff.

Berkley did this to “be more transparent to the needs of staff and students,” he said at the meeting.

The promise could also be prompted due to the school system’s budget deficit in July.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the promise of transparency, we are proud of Berkley and LCPS for striving to keep county officials and their community aware of decisions being made in the school system.

The system is going to try to make sure no surprises, like the deficit in July, will be an issue ever again — and they are to be applauded for this promise.

Parents, staff and the LCPS community can rest assured they will be involved and have knowledge of what is happening in the system, which should be a great feeling to have.

Good job, LCPS — and Berkley — for continuing to make our community a more aware and involved place.