Speak up; don’t play games

Published 5:39 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It was interesting to see the poll results of our newspaper’s online this week, as several report seeing “creepy clowns” not only in Victoria, but also in Kenbridge.

Although there are claims, none has been reported to the Kenbridge Police Department.

The clown situation is growing fast among small Southern towns, with news sources like CNN reporting the clowns are attempting to lure children into woods with them. As far as what has been reported, no children have been harmed or really fallen into the clown trap. However, it is a serious threat when clowns are trying to lure those children into danger — it is not something to joke about like some may be doing.

So, we have to ask — if you have seen a creepy clown in your town, why haven’t you reported itto police?

Were you just clicking an answer on the poll just because you could, or did you really see something? Did you think no one would believe you and decided not to report it officially?

You have a responsibility to your town and community to report threatening subjects around your area. Stand up and speak up if you have seen them and don’t take the chance on not reporting items such as this.

Our community would never want anyone luring children away from safety and their homes, and possibly hurting them. So, help us keep our community safe by reporting what you saw — if you actually did.