Kenston Forest comes off bye to face NOVA

Published 10:19 am Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Kenston Forest School varsity football team begins the final stretch of its regular season Saturday, coming off its bye week to take on host NOVA Homeschool at 2 p.m.

The Kavaliers started the season strong with back-to-back wins. Then injuries contributed to a three-game losing streak. They rebounded just before the bye with a 14-6 victory over the Hampton Roads Generals on Sept. 30.

“Our boys have fought through adversity with a flurry of injuries, but the team has rallied together and has covered well for each other,” Kenston Forest Head Coach Tom Inge said. “Luckily, we got back some key players recently. We lost our quarterback, Robert Motely, for the season but will be glad to get back Mark Smith next week, who has been terrific for us on the line.”

The Kavs have been studious in their preparation for NOVA, which has struggled this year, with a 1-6 record.

“We scouted NOVA homeschool and have prepared for their spread offense and their different defensive schemes,” Inge said.

The coach noted NOVA tens to throw a lot of quick, short patterns.

“It can be hard to prepare for homeschools because they can add players at any time from other schools and homeschool teams, in general, and in many sports have gotten very competitive in the last several years,” Inge said. “So, a home school team can be very different from the beginning of the season till the end, with different players and can go from good to great very fast.”

Scouting also indicated NOVA plays with a team effort.

“They seem to have good overall talent but no specific player that we have to focus on,” Inge said.

On defense, the homeschool squad plays a 5-2 and throw in some different looks, as well.

“We are focusing on our blocking assignments to make sure we make our key blocks along the line and always have players getting to the second level to their linebackers,” Inge said.

Kenston Forest has a plethora of players who have been coming on strong lately, led by senior running back J.E.B. Buchanan.

“I could never say enough about J.E.B. Buchanan,” Inge said. “He has gained a lot of strength during the offseason, and it shows with his workhorse mentality on offense and defense. Our other captain is Tripp Jones, whose size, skill and toughness really make him such a force on the line.”

Other Kavalier standouts include Elijah Warner, Cole Hagaman, Tyler Daniel and Jeffrey Steele.