Party chair lays out presidential race

Published 4:41 pm Thursday, October 20, 2016

We are close to the end of one of the mud- slingingest presidential races in my lifetime (thank God). Both Clinton and Trump have said and done some things I am sure they wished they had never said or done. The debates make good TV, but they fail to get down to where the candidates actually stand on issues that hit home to us. I thought I would take the time to write and give the media information. If readers would like to double-check me on where the candidates stand, I have included the sources. I thought this would be simpler and easier than watching the debates.


Clinton — Supports even in the ninth month of pregnancy (Weekly Standard, 9/21/15).

Trump — “…has promised to appoint anti-abortion justices to the Supreme Court if he gets elected” (Christian Daily, 5/13/16).

Jobs, Taxes and Wages

Clinton — Proposed a 10-year, $10 trillion tax increase that will reduce wages and cut economic output (The Hill, 1/26/16 “Plan would lower wages and cost more than 300,000 jobs,” Tax Foundation).

Trump — “…would cut taxes by $11.98 trillion over the next decade. The plan would also lead to … 6.5 percent higher wages, and 5.3 million more full-time equivalent jobs” (Tax Foundation).

Border Security

Clinton — Opposes construction of a border security fence on the U.S. border with Mexico. (Investor’s Business Daily, 3/9/16).

Trump — Supports construction of a security fence on the U.S. border with Mexico to stop illegal drugs and terrorist infiltration. (Endorsed by U.S. Border Patrol Union – LA Times 5/12/16).

U.S. Supreme Court Nominees

Clinton — Will appoint justices in the mold of its current four liberal members led by Ruth Bader-Ginsberg (Wall Street Journal, 5/25/16).

Trump — Provided a list of 11 judges as possible nominees to the Supreme Court who have the constitutional outlook of the late Antonin Scalia (Washington Post, 5/18/16).


& Bureaucracy

Clinton — Supports bigger, interventionist government with more regulations (Weekly Standard, 4/30/16).

Trump — Wants to eliminate government regulations that hurt business and kill jobs. (Las Vegas Review Journal, 5/5/16).

Terrorist Infiltration of Muslim Immigration

Clinton — Unconcerned with infiltration by terrorists. Opposes a temporary hold (“Hillary spurns the idea that any group of newcomers could pose a danger.” New York Post, 12/17/15).

Trump — Called “for a temperary halt” to Muslim immigration until the problem of terrorist infiltration can be solved (National Review, 12/8/15).

So there you have it. I don’t “like” either candidate, but I will vote and I will be an informed voter. What about you? Make an informed choice on Nov. 8.

Mike Hankins is the chairman of the Lunenburg County Republican Party. His email address is