A landmark biomedical bill

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2016

For decades, the United States has been a world leader in scientific efforts to treat and cure diseases and conditions harming millions of people. From smallpox to polio to tuberculosis, life-saving innovations developed by scientists and doctors are not only an incredible public health benefit, but biomedical research also generates economic activity.

Unfortunately, too often our innovators and researchers are bogged down by regulatory impediments that make it harder for patients to experience the full benefits of their work.

This past week, the House of Representatives passed the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act by a 392-26 margin. This bill will advance new therapies by modernizing clinical trials and the means by which safety and efficacy data is accumulated and analyzed, put patients at the heart of the regulatory review process, and streamline regulations to provide more clarity and consistency for innovators developing health devices, software, vaccines and regenerative medicine therapies.

I was proud to vote for this impactful legislation, which is expected to pass the Senate and be signed by the president before the end of the year.

Robert Hurt represents Lunenburg County in the U.S. House or Representatives. He can be reached at his Farmville office at (434) 395-0120 or by email at hurt.house.gov.