Conservation is a good thing

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Congratulations go out to Parrish Farms for earning one of 10 Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation conservation awards.

As told elsewhere in today’s edition, the department recognized Parrish Farms for using waterways on its 2,400-acre property and practicing conservation in several other ways as well. We think this is a great example for other Lunenburg agricultural property owners to follow.

“You’re trying to keep the watershed clean (and) keep the dirt and the filth out of the streams that are going to the oceans and the rivers,” Charles Parrish told reporter Carson Reeher. There’s likely not a nobler sentiment for a farmer to have when looking at the big picture of water conservation.

In addition, Parrish has managed a transition of growing only tobacco to growing wheat, soybeans, milo and canola, all using a no-till process to increase yields. The farm manages 800 acres of timberland with select cutting, prescribed burning and spraying after replanting. Also, 260 acres of the Parish Farm are under a wildlife easement.

And if that’s not enough, Parrish invites college students to the farm to help them understand the “economic and environmental benefits of best management practices.”

Such things are more than deserving of awards; they deserve our thanks and should be emulated. Any of us who own land, whether to farm, timber, garden or simply mow the lawn, can follow some of Parrish’s examples.

If we all did, Lunenburg County would be an even richer community — environmentally speaking — than it already is.