Wishing you prosperity

Published 11:12 am Wednesday, December 28, 2016

As we relax from the haste of Christmas and look forward to a new year, let us all join together and wish each other greater prosperity in 2017. Each of us should hope that all around us, whether we know them or they are strangers, will do better as we move forward. For us to move forward as communities and as a nation, we will all be better off if others are likewise doing well.

The more who are gainfully employed bodes well for the businesses they patronize. The better that each individual and business does financially, they are more likely to reinvest in their communities. That reinvestment will come full circle to employ more, spiraling up not only the economy but also the attitude of others in our communities.

As an example, one of the CEOs on the Governor’s Advisory Council explained earlier this year that his peers around the country were so concerned about the climate for business in this country that they were sitting on assets rather than risking expanding their businesses. That meant they were not investing in inventory, nor were they risking hiring employees that they might not need going forward. This attitude is now starting to change. The National Association of Small Business did a poll of its members earlier this month. Those small businesses were much more confident that there was a brighter future for them. These small businesses have been the ones that have been most affected by the numerous regulations that have been coming from Washington.

Those small businesses include farmers who are now being forced to get permission before making changes in their operations regardless of the cost and effect on the environment. Contractors have been forced to include things that make home ownership a greater challenge for many of more modest incomes simply because the contractor must pass the cost of those regulations on to potential buyers. It includes retailers who are less likely to invest in inventory and more employees. Larger businesses are faced with the same issues, but have greater assets to deal with them.

Let us all hope for a prosperous future driven by a prosperous economy.

Frank Ruff represents Lunenburg in the Virginia Senate. His email address is Sen.Ruff@verizon.net.