Badley is a needed leader

Published 11:03 am Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The new manager of Victoria’s Dollar General is bringing a needed dose of leadership. Under Darrell Badley, the store has seen noteworthy improvements in only about a month’s time.

We commend Badley for his positive goals and personable attitude. Though not native to Victoria, he has taken the time to get to know his customers as though he was born here. He said one of his goals as manager is to build relationships within the community.

Badley’s outlook is one all those in leadership positions should adopt.

He said he wants to “make sure this town of Victoria and the county of Lunenburg and surrounding areas know that we are here and we are committed to the excellence that they expect.”

His community work doesn’t stop at Dollar General’s front door. He has given his personal time to assist with public school marching bands as a percussion instructor. This is just one step forward for Badley among many that are sure to come.

Perhaps most admirable is his determination to instill a sense of leadership and responsibility in his staff. Badley is a role model for his employees, no matter how old or young. He promised that everyone who comes in the store will be treated with kindness, no matter if they buy something or just browse.

We thank Badley for his service and sacrifice to this country in the Army and also for choosing to accept a leadership position in Victoria. We look forward to seeing him reach his goals.