Commending those who care

Published 3:02 pm Thursday, January 19, 2017

There’s a group in our community that has made a major impact and deserves all of our thanks and highest commendation.

Since last year, the Piedmont Area Veterans Council (PAVC) has been working hard to connect veterans in the Heart of Virginia to needed services, resources and educational tools, enabling them to better take care of themselves and help others.

“We have a distinct and fundamental mission as we focus on taking care of our own here in the Piedmont Area of Virginia with local trusted partners,” states the PAVC’s website. “Our volunteer membership is comprised of individual veterans, active military, family members, area citizens and partners of businesses who serve and honor our veterans.”

Through events, public service announcements and volunteering throughout the community, PAVC has been fulfilling its mission to guide those in need through its comprehensive network of resources, attracting community partners who collaborate and provide needed information to veterans and acting as a central point for veterans and military supporters for training and outreach.

PAVC has a long list of ideas, initiatives and planned events for our community covering many topics, including health, claims, navigating through the Veteran’s Administration, resolving debt and housing.

This new group is one Lunenburg County should stand behind and back, returning the favor from when the veterans it serves stood in the front lines and fought for our freedom.