This is your opinion page

Published 9:37 am Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One of the most important roles of this publication and my new position as managing editor is ensuring that you, our readers, and the people across the Heart of Virginia, have a voice.

That’s what this page is about — opinion, and we want you to play a big part in it.

There are several ways you can practice your right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment; it’s one of the most wonderful aspects of my job.

Writing letters to the editor is a very common form of opinion writing. The letter, addressed to the editor, may be 250 words max and offer your thoughts on a topic of your choosing. Letters to the editor are great opportunities for brief straight-to-the-point opinion pieces.

Guest columns are 400-word pieces that offer more space for you to express your opinion. These are accompanied by a headshot of the author, along with a short bio sketch at the end and their email address, making it more personal for the reader. Guest columns offer a great way to dive into a topic where letters to the editor may constrict writers.

Topics can vary from commendations to offering constructive criticism toward a public official or body.

I want your words on this page — your thoughts, feelings and opinions — and I’m here to help guide you through the process, especially if you’re nervous about writing or have never written an opinion piece before. Call me up or send me an email and we’ll talk about it.

This is your opinion page, so please, I urge you, take advantage of it and use it to inform others and bring light on issues important to you that affect others.

Jordan Miles is the managing editor of The K-V Dispatch and Farmville Newsmedia LLC. His email address is