Town will post ‘No Trespassing’ signs

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Members of the Kenbridge Town Council, during their Feb. 21 meeting, voted to approve a $200 purchase of “No Trespassing” signs to be placed along an abandoned railway line where a Tobacco Heritage Trail is planned.

According to Kenbridge Town Manager Robyn Fowler, the police department reported complaints about ATVs and dirt bikes on the property.

Kenbridge Police Chief Raymond Hite said there was one recent report of a juvenile riding a four-wheeler along the tracks. Despite this being the only recent call, Hite said motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs have been using the area for years.

Hite hopes turning the area into a walking trail will alleviate some of the trespassing issues.

“Victoria turned their section of the tracks into a walking trail and they haven’t had problems since,” Hite said.

According to Hite, the department will purchase “No Trespassing” signs that will be posted at the ends of the section of trail the town owns. Hite advised the signs should be posted within the next 30 days, noting the imposition of a penalty for trespassing.

Hite said four-wheelers and similar unregistered and uninspected vehicles can be pulled over and towed for a variety of infractions.

Fowler reported during the meeting two businesses in town operating without a business license have been served papers to appear in court in March.

Fowler said, after speaking with the

town’s attorney, Calvin S. Spencer Jr., he “prefers we don’t give the names of the businesses out.”

The businesses, according to Fowler, are operating under a suspended license. At least one of the businesses is locally owned and operated.

Fowler announced during the meeting there was an upcoming vacancy at the water and wastewater treatment plant as Christopher “Kit” Brooks recently announced his departure.

“He was a smart employee and caught on quickly,” Fowler said of Brooks. “He was a great employee and we hate to lose him.”

Fowler said during the meeting she and the maintenance supervisor walked the sidewalks in Kenbridge and reported on the most damaged locations. The list was presented to the council with the worst damage highlighted. The list will be sent to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Lunenburg County Public Library System received its annual appropriation during the meeting. Vice-Mayor Ken Blackburn offered a motion, seconded by Danny Thompson, to approve of a $1,765 fund to the library.