We’re proud of the students

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Every student who took to the stage in the Kenbridge Community Center on Feb. 18 has a great deal to be proud of.

For many of the students, who were auditioning for the inaugural Lunenburg’s Got Talent, set for April 2, it was their first time on stage. Many were nervous, or even afraid of how they might sound when they sang, how their instrument worked when they began their song or how their dance routine looked when the music began.

Though only 12 of the many students will perform in April, all who signed up and hit the stage during tryouts have a great deal to be proud of and deserve commendation from the community.

We commend and offer our thanks to Meredith Spencer, a public school employee, who is serving as one of the lead organizers of the event; the school division as a whole; and the Lunenburg Chamber of Commerce and Benchmark Community Bank for sponsoring and offering assistance to the inaugural event.

We’re confident the community will support the event, and paired with the great leadership of the schools, the chamber and Benchmark, will be a success for years to come.

We wish the very best of luck to Alexis Pegram, Lane Bolter, Presley Pulliam, Grace Joyner, Lacey Joyner, Alexis Smith, Inka Winters, Mitch Green, Courtney Brosteck and Colton Hinkle (who will perform as a duo), Alexia Elam, Jaydah Mitchell and Gabrielle Aubel — all of whom will perform at Central High School this spring.

“We’ve had some … great talent,” said Chamber President Mel Payne, who sat in on many of the tryouts. “We’ve got great talent. …”

We agree with Payne, and thank the students for sharing their talents with the community through the tryouts and upcoming April performances.