On funding the KES

Published 11:15 am Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kenbridge Town Council members should think hard before voting on whether or not to continue funding the Kenbridge Emergency Squad (KES) — an agency that’s set to merge with Victoria Fire and Rescue (VFR).

During its Feb. 21 meeting, council members tabled discussions on the future of funding for the KES following the decision to merge.

According to council documents, a discussion on the decision to continue to financially support KES was tabled until the next town council meeting.

“(We wanted) to give people time to think on it and come back for a discussion later,” Kenbridge Town Manager Robyn Fowler told The Dispatch.

It’s our hope that the merger between KES and VFR will result in more quality, timely emergency response to the good people of Kenbridge, who deserve nothing but the best care in their times of need. In that case, the Kenbridge Town Council should monetarily support the agency’s hybrid operations, using town taxpayer’s money to support them.

Not supporting the volunteers and emergency medical staff who support the community would be wrong.

We hope the “personal conflict” cited by KES member Chris Craft during the joint meeting between KES and the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors wouldn’t resonate to other groups.