Students exceed expectations

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Inspiration can be found everywhere we look — in the faces of strangers, the words in a book or in the actions of others.

For those who live in Lunenburg County looking for such hope, the community need not look any further than Victoria Elementary School (VES).

Students at the school recently held a fundraising event for Jump Rope for Heart, setting a goal of $800 with money going directly to the American Heart Association (AHA).

According to school officials, roughly 60 students participated in the event, and VES collectively donated $1,832 to the AHA — more than doubling their original goal.

We commend the students, faculty and staff for working hard and garnering community support for such a worthy cause.

In recognition of the school’s hard work, students who raised money participated in a celebration during school hours, school officials said.

“Students jumped rope in honor of family members and/or friends that motivated them for raising funds and bringing awareness to the AHA. All Jump Rope for Heart participants had the opportunity of assisting in wrapping school principal (Dawn) Bacon with streamer ribbon.”

It’s important to remember that the students and school staff organized this wonderful effort on top of their daily responsibilities and duties of studying, grading homework, teaching and learning in the classroom.

May the students’ hard work in promoting heart health and uniting the community serve as a beacon of inspiration to us all in Lunenburg County.