Crews battle water leaks Thursday

Published 5:53 pm Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The replacement of a fire hydrant on Mecklenburg Avenue is suspected to be the culprit of five water leaks reported throughout Victoria on Thursday afternoon

According to Town Manager Rodney Newton, the leaks were reported on Sixth, Fifth, Eighth, 10th and 12th streets

“In doing some maintenance yesterday, we had a couple leaks that happened to pop up … Just

part of normal maintenance of the water system,” Newton said.

“We had to close some valves for replacing a fire hydrant, and that could have possibly caused it. We don’t know definitely that it is. Right after we did some work with some valves is when we started having some leaks.”

Newton emphasized the town water was safe to drink after noting residents may have experienced slight discoloration in their water.

“It’s just a normal occurrence when you move water like that.”

Crews worked Thursday afternoon and late into the night making the repairs.