Town council honors Wingold

Published 6:31 pm Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Kenbridge Town Council recently honored the late David E. Wingold Sr., who served on the town council and on the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors.

Wingold died on Feb. 9. following infected-related complications that came after a surgery to repair a fractured vertebra. He had spent the last two years as chairman of the board of supervisors.

The resolution was adopted by town council March 21.

According to the town’s adopted resolution, Wingold was elected to the Kenbridge Town Council on July 1, 2002, serving through January 4, 2007 when he retired from council.

Wingold, according to the resolution, “always considered the best interest of the town citizens in all votes and actions he took while serving on council” and “was always a positive promoter of Kenbridge and always showed a strong interest in moving the town forward in all that he did.”

According to the resolution, Wingold also served on the Kenbridge Volunteer Fire Department and the Commonwealth Regional Council.

Wingold “was held in very high esteem by his fellow council members, the mayor, town staff, as well as our citizens.”

Weeks ago, the board of supervisors adopted a similar resolution honoring Wingold, presenting it to his family. During the meeting, Commissioner of the Revenue Liz Hamlett sang the National Anthem in his honor.

In February, Plymouth District One Supervisor T. Wayne Hoover said the supervisors thought Wingold was just in the process of recovering.

“We expected him to be back and cracking jokes again soon,” Hoover said. “Someone will soon take his place on the board but you can never really replace him.”

County Administrator Tracy Gee previously said Wingold didn’t like people fussing over him and that he just wanted to do his job.

The board of supervisors has appointed Mike Hankins to fill the unexpired term until a November election.