Church celebrates Oliver

Published 12:40 pm Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Sunday, April 23, Pastor Violet F. Oliver celebrated seven years as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Victoria. She preached a moving sermon titled “Who Will You Serve?”

The preaching, along with the musical director Bemeché Hicks and the choir, was enough to get the congregation caught up in the Spirit, as the song says, “Caught on fire, caught on fire!”

The church showed its appreciation of Oliver by presenting her with flowers and a beautiful purple wrapped monetary box. Dinner was served in the lower dining hall after service. The First Baptist Church and the surrounding neighborhood did a great job showing Pastor Oliver that she is loved.

Pastor, we thank you for your service and may God continue to bless and keep you in good health.

What did you do with your time today? Did you make someone’s day by offering a smile and a kind word?

When you walked outside this morning into the wonderful day, did you noticed the beautiful sun?

How about the clear, blue sky adorned with the fluffy clouds that seemed to be dancing? There were birds sweetly singing; did you hear them? Did you stop to marvel at the trees blooming and the grass turning green?

Did you take a moment to stop and say a prayer or did you just walk on without noticing all the beauty around you?

Let me know how you spent the day. Looking to hear from you.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The K-V Dispatch. Her email address is