Clarke: ‘Opportunity has been inspiring’

Published 12:12 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The time has finally arrived. I am excited to share with the community 50 years of Central High School’s history.

Without the mentorship from community members, historians, devoted teachers, staff and administrators, Down Central’s Corridor: Fifty Years Later would not be possible.

This special program will be held Saturday, from noon-4 p.m. at Central High School (CHS).

I hope to give back to the community and continue the legacy of Lunenburg’s educational system through this senior project.

It is my sincerest wish to see our community — whether Charger alumni or not — attend this program and reunion that captures our dear Central High’s history.

Particularly, I have enjoyed speaking with former alumni and hearing their memorable stories of CHS. Every phone call or interview has been so rewarding and moving.

Fifty years later, the Charger Spirit is stronger than ever.

Through their stories, it is evident that CHS holds a special place in the hearts of so many people.

This opportunity has been inspiring, and I hope to return a service to our great community by sharing one of my greatest passions.

More importantly, I am appreciative of the trust which the community has placed in me through the sharing, not only of stories but also the contribution of treasured mementos for exhibits for the event.

Fifty years later, our high school has continued to produce exceptional students and members of society, all of whom promote the Charger spirit.

The term Charger has evolved to include our entire community. Our school is a true testament of courage, spirit, dedication and pride.

In the end, I am fortunate and overjoyed to be a part of the 50th graduating class at Central High.

More importantly, our high school continues to be a large part of our community and home to Charger pride.

Jonathan A. Clarke is president of the senior class at Central High School. His email address is