Town launches pilot project for water meters

Published 1:53 pm Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Public works employees with the Town of Victoria recently replaced approximately 25 aging residential water meters with new magnetic field technology meters to provide more accurate water readings.

According to town officials, the meters provide a digital readout and store usage data for 45 days.

The information can be retrieved to show water usage by the hour, according to officials. If the pilot program is successful it may lead to a larger project — replacing all meters on the town water system.

The meters have the capability of attaching to a radio transmitter that would transmit information to a computer.

Officials say this would allow the meter readings to be collected much quicker, decrease errors in reading and reduce the man hours required to read and record the monthly readings.

By reducing man hours, public works personnel would have more time to work on more projects to maintain and improve the town, according to officials. The program will be reviewed to determine if it will be a cost-effective project to pursue.