Vandalism reported at LGS

Published 11:44 am Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Police are investigating vandalism and possible theft that recently took place at the Lunenburg Girls’ Softball (LGS) complex on Maple Street.

Kenbridge Police Department Chief Raymond Hite Jr. said he got a call May 25 that there had been an incident at the LGS building that houses the concession stand and the press box.

“There was a glass window broke out,” he said.

He noted the door was kicked but not successfully kicked in.

“A couple Gatorades, I believe, were taken, nothing of substantial value,” he said, adding that there was a host of drinks and food in the building.

LGS Commissioner Tony Matthews said, “It appears that all they got were 12 yellow Gatorades. … They did gain access by breaking one of the serving windows that we have on the front of the concession stand.”

As for other evidence of vandalism, Hite said some clear Chapstick was used to create a lewd drawing.

He estimates the vandalism and possible theft occurred between May 23-25, and the investigation is ongoing.

“We haven’t arrested anybody,” he said. “It’s ongoing, and we’ve increased presence in the area, and we’ve talked to Lunenburg Girls’ Softball about some security measures they can take as far as camera systems, extra lights, because it is a kind of a spot where it’s real dark at nighttime, no lights around it. But they’re supposed to be working on that.”

Last summer, LGS suffered a break-in and two instances of missing items — including money — at the building during the course of hosting the Dixie Softball Debs State Tournament. The incidents led to LGS adding deadbolts to the building’s doors.

As for this year’s incident, Hite said, “I don’t think it’s actually anything that’s planned out. I just think most crimes are opportunity … I can’t say it’s going be eliminated, but hopefully it’s something that can at least (be) prevented.”

He said with the Kenbridge Police Department’s increased presence, if anyone is seen at the LGS complex, he or his officers will get their names and ask them to leave if they do not have permission to be there.

If anyone rides by during the evening and sees anybody or something suspicious, Hite encouraged them to call the Lunenburg Sheriff’s Office at (434) 696-4452.

“If you see something, call,” he said. “It’s like I tell people, we’ll go to a call, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry to call you, and it wasn’t nothing.’ No, I’d rather come, and it’s nothing. Because you never know when it’s actually going to be something that may lead to help solve a crime. If somebody sees something, call. It don’t hurt nothing to call. We’re not going to put your name on record or run your social security number.”