Truck pull unites our community

Published 10:54 am Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We commend the hard work, planning and dedication from volunteers of Victoria Fire and Rescue for putting on a stellar show at the third truck and tractor pull held last Saturday in Victoria.

Behind the scenes of the event and many months prior, volunteers and event organizers labored feverishly to make the event one that would prove to be fun for families across Southside Virginia, along with bringing in much-needed funds for the volunteer agency.

This year’s event did just that.

According to Rodney Newton, the chief of Victoria Fire and Rescue, who also serves as town manager for Victoria, the event brought in about $12,000 for the agency — surpassing last year’s successful event that brought in about $3,000.

The money brought in this year, as it has from past tractor pulls, goes toward the operation of an agency that saves lives and property in Victoria and Lunenburg County.

“By far. By far,” Newton said of this year’s event netting the greatest amount ever raised.

The event also brought in more than 1,500 people from Lunenburg, Southside Virginia, across the state and from other states. Pullers came from as far away as West Virginia, Newton said.

The hard work of the men and women of Victoria Fire and Rescue that’s netting such success — which benefits the entire community — is to be commended and praised.

Planning for this year’s event began about one year ago, Newton said.

“It’s all volunteer,” Newton said of the event staffing and preparation. “We did have to pay to have some grading done on the track this year. As far as setting up, most of the setup is done on Friday prior to the event by volunteers … We couldn’t do it also without the corporate sponsors and local businesses that help sponsor that too.”

“It makes the event worth it,” he said of the hours of preparation and planning. “It helps us to prepare for the next one and try to keep this thing going for many years to come.”

Newton specifically highlighted the work of Johnny Crenshaw, who chairs the committee that organizes the events.

“He has put a tremendous amount of effort into making this thing the success that it is. He does a lot of the logistical back work as far as lining up with the sanctioning body and getting things lined up so it’s ready to go.”

We commend Crenshaw, Newton, the volunteers of Victoria Fire and Rescue and the community as a whole on a job well-done.