Randolph gets another eight years

Published 12:01 pm Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A 37-year-old Victoria man incurred another eight years in prison last week on top of his 12 years-and-six-month sentence handed down in February in Lunenburg Circuit Court recently.

According to a press release from Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, a judge revoked a portion of Gerrod Thomas Randolph’s suspended time from three 2005 convictions for

distribution of cocaine and statutory rape as a result of failing to maintain good behavior.

“Randolph was convicted in February of four counts of felony distribution of cocaine and one count of assaulting a police officer when being arrested,” Clement said in a press release. ”Randolph had previously violated his conditions of probation in 2008 and had six years revoked.”

In the release, Clement said he emphasized to the judge that Randolph had already received numerous breaks and opportunities in the past, but had proven he would not conform to society’s rules.

Clement “noted that Randolph had just gotten out of prison in April 2015, but was caught selling cocaine in May 2016, was under supervised probation at the time of his new offenses, had 22 years of suspended time over his head, has a history of violence with two prior assault and battery convictions and a conviction of cruelty to animals involving dog fighting, has a history of two sex offenses, has a conviction of failure to register as a sex offender and after his last release from prison, had been warned repeatedly by his own mother, according to her testimony, to behave and stay out of trouble and away from drugs.”
The release cited that after the judge pronounced the sentence, Randolph spoke out asking if that was eight years on top of the other 12 and a half years, to which the judge responded, “Yes.”

“Randolph then exclaimed that it was a long time, and the judge once again replied affirmatively and had the bailiffs lead him away to the holding cell,” officials said in the release. “Randolph told officers at his last arrest that he sold the drugs to make extra money even though he had a full-time job, because everyone was using them and it was so easy.”
According to Clement, the local drug task force made purchases of cocaine and marijuana from Randolph on May 12, 23, June 1, 15  and August 18, 2016 in Victoria from his residence and place of employment. Most of the purchases were for $495 each.
“When Victoria police went to arrest Randolph on a warrant for one of the offenses, Randolph struggled to get away from the officer and had to be subdued,” officials said in the release. “The officer was not hurt. A baggie of about 23 grams of cocaine was found in Randolph’s left pocket, and $1,238 in cash was found in his right pocket.”

The release cited that the money was forfeited to the state’s Department of Criminal Justice.
In addition to his active sentence, Randolph also received 72 years and six months suspended subject to conditions of good behavior for 60 years, supervised probation for five years, warrantless searches, substance abuse counseling and restitution of $2,790.