Surveys for plan available

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lunenburg County and the towns of Victoria and Kenbridge want to hear from residents on the issues most important to them.

The three localities are partnering with the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) on creating a new Joint Comprehensive Plan, which describes the area’s current demographics, its plans for future growth and steps to accomplish the set goals, according to a press release from Lunenburg County.

Beverley Hawthorne

According to Lunenburg County Economic Development Director Beverley

Hawthorne, the surveys give the community a chance to voice concerns or suggestions on issues that most affect them.

“The surveys are to gain citizens’ input on things that are needed in the county, things that need to be changed and where people think we want to go with the county,” Hawthorne said.

Localities throughout Virginia are required by law to have and update comprehensive plans.

In order to have resident input on what these goals should be and what the future should look like, officials in Victoria, Kenbridge and Lunenburg are distributing surveys.

The last update to the Comprehensive Plan was a review of the plan in 2012, Hawthorne said, and set reviews are required by the state.

“(The comprehensive plan) is to be used as a guide for development in the county,” Hawthorne said. Part of the purpose of the plan is “for developing ordinances, such as land use, and to give people who want to move here an idea of what are the future plans,” Hawthorne said.

The surveys are available online and in hard copy. Paper surveys can be picked up at the Lunenburg County Administration Office, the town office in Kenbridge, the Ripberger Public Library in Kenbridge, the town office in Victoria and the Victoria Library.

Members of the community can also drop off completed forms at these locations, according to the release.

The online surveys are provided by a Virginia Tech survey system, and can be reached at

The survey covers land use, cell service, internet service, housing, employment opportunities, retail and services, preservation of historic structures, health care, tourism, all levels of education and law enforcement.

There are spaces on the survey where members of the community can voice concerns or elaborate on suggestions.
Surveys must be turned in by July 24, according to the release.

Hawthorne said the county and towns will tally up surveys and look for any trends.

After that, Hawthorne said the county will make the survey results available for members of the public who request them.

Hawthorne noted the importance of county and town residents to be involved, filling out the surveys.

“We need to make plans, and we want to do what the citizens here want to do,” Hawthorne said.

To receive further input, Kenbridge, Lunenburg and Victoria will hold community meetings in the fall.

Several working committee meetings and public hearings, also open to the public, will following the community meeting through 2018, according to the release.

The adoption of the completed is expected to take place in early 2019, according to the release.

To learn more about the surveys and meetings, contact Kenbridge Town Manager Robyn Fowler at (434) 676-2452, Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton at (434) 696-2343 or Hawthorne at (434) 696-2546.