The spirit of our community

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Strength in community is evident in Lunenburg County.

Whether it’s through students rooting for their fellow Chargers on the field, small businesses offering each other aid and assistance through the Lunenburg Chamber of Commerce, volunteer fire department members rushing to the aid of their fellow man in Kenbridge, Victoria and other communities across the county or a friendly “Hello” on Main Street, people enjoy helping and taking care of each other in our community.

This should be recognized and cited as a source of pride for those who live here.

Another example of such strength is how the many churches across Lunenburg care for their communities and those who worship. Case in point: Gethsemane Holy Church’s Community Day, held last Saturday.

The event included household items, cookout fare and fellowship with members of the community, friends and family, and the costs was the expense to travel to the church.

This year’s Community Day included free clothing, paintings and knick knacks, along with burgers, hot dogs, chicken and ribs.

The event began in 2002, Gethsemane Holy Church member Bettie Hazelwood said, and has continued for every year since.

According to Shelia Robertson, the event offers church members and the community a chance to fellowship and interact with the church outside of a formal event.

“Anything that supports the community I think is a positive endeavor,” Robertson said.

We agree with Robertson, and commend our neighbors, business owners and community leaders for such a caring attitude in helping their fellow man.