Reeves’ stabbing charge dismissed

Published 11:18 am Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Charges have been dropped against a 36-year-old man who faced charges of felony malicious wounding in connection to a stabbing incident reported March 10.

According to Lunenburg County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, during a preliminary hearing June 28, General District Judge Charles Warren ruled that Shaun Reeves acted in self-defense when he stabbed William Glass with a knife. Glass too was charged in connection with the incident.

Shaun Reeves

According to the release, David Watkins, an attorney from Charlotte Court House, represented Reeves and made the argument for dismissal.

“Clement acknowledged to the court that Watkins made an accurate argument in his closing and deferred to the court’s discretion in the decision,” officials said in the release.

According to the release, testimony was provided by Melissa Hill, Reeves girlfriend, and by Margaret Williams, the grandmother of Melissa Hill.

“They all resided together as well as the cross-defendant, William Glass, who rented one room in the house,” officials said in the release.

According to the release, Hill testified that on the evening of March 10, she, Reeves and Glass were sitting around drinking.

“She said Reeves went to his bedroom to go to sleep,” officials said in the release. “When she joined him later, she said they argued … and Reeves pushed her into the dresser.”

According to Hill’s testimony, she called out to her grandmother and grabbed the fan in the room and started leaving to go sleep in the spare room.

“She said Glass, who had been propositioning her that night and before, came into the hallway and started fighting Reeves,” officials said in the release. “This fight was broken up, and Reeves and Hill returned to the bedroom and locked the door.”

The release cited Hill testified that in less than two minutes, Glass kicked in the door and attacked Reeves with a cane that he took from the grandmother.

“Hill said she had not called out for help or made any cries, but thought that Glass was just out for vengeance because of the earlier fight,” Clement said in the release. “She said during the attack, Reeves worked his way over to his backpack and retrieved a knife. She said she saw him stab Glass once, and did not see the other two stabbings.”

William Glass

According to the release, Glass was seriously injured, requiring an extensive stay in the hospital. Hill said in her testimony that Reeves was bleeding profusely from his knee. 
“The grandmother testified for the defense, and confirmed some of Hill’s testimony about the fighting and how Glass took her cane and went into Reeve’s room with the cane raised in the air,” officials said in the release. “She did not see what happened inside the room.”
With charges stemming from a separate incident, Glass is charged with assaulting a Victoria Police Department sergeant following a hit and run and a vehicle pursuit involving police.

Glass reportedly struck a vehicle in Kenbridge, leaving the scene of the incident at approximately 9:20 p.m., according to Victoria Police Chief Keith Phillips.