Something to unify around

Published 12:53 pm Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I was talking to Lunenburg Girls’ Softball (LGS) Commissioner Tony Matthews at a recent Dixie Softball tournament, and I asked him if there was any update on the vandalism that happened at the LGS complex on Maple Street. He said he had fixed the broken window that is part of the LGS building which houses the concession stand and the press box.

It provokes a deep sigh and pronounced disappointment just thinking about an organization like LGS being victimized by vandalism and apparent theft.

Last summer, LGS suffered a break-in and two instances of missing items — including money — at its building during the course of hosting the Dixie Softball Debs State Tournament. These incidents led to LGS adding deadbolts to the building’s doors.

This year, Kenbridge Police Department Chief Raymond Hite Jr. said he got a call May 25 that there had been an incident at the same building. He noted the broken window and said a door was kicked, though not successfully kicked in, some Gatorades were missing and clear Chapstick was used to create a lewd drawing at the scene.

If it is a stretch to say these incidents constitute a trend, it is still obvious LGS has been targeted more than once.

Given the positive impact that Lunenburg Girls’ Softball is aiming to have in the community, Hite noted how unfortunate it is that the organization has fallen victim to unlawful activity.

“Like I’ve said, crimes happen, but when you start stuff like this (with) people that are trying to help people, it’s aggravating even more,” he said. “Tony Matthews, you couldn’t ask for a better guy.”

LGS seeks to unite the community in support of its softball players, but the community can also unite in support of LGS.

Hite said that if anyone rides by during the evening and sees anybody or something suspicious, they should call police.

Titus Mohler is sports editor for The K-V Dispatch. His email address is