Madeline’s House talks rape culture

Published 11:45 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Within the world of advocacy and victim support, rape culture is discussed often and with great passion, according to a press release from Madeline’s House.

“Outside of that world, the words ‘rape culture’ may not evoke such emotional pleas. But, it should … and here’s why,” officials said in the release.

“By perpetuating rape culture, society is allowing victims to be blamed for the tragedies that befall them, women to be objectified, and the belief that most allegations of assault are false. Most of the time, society’s majority is not aware of their participation in these detrimental beliefs. But every time a victim is asked how much they had to drink or what they thought would happen when they dressed a certain way, they are being blamed.”

Officials say every time a celebrity is thought of as a means of entertainment only, or it is believed that prostitutes/sex trafficking victims cannot be raped because they were paid, or that a woman is only her body, “women are being objectified.”

“Every time a victim comes forward to report an assault, and society questions why she waited so long, or try to find holes in the story, or a male is told he cannot be raped, the victim is led to believe that society thinks they are lying.”

Officials say the hope is that now “when you hear beliefs that perpetuate rape culture, you too will respond with emotional pleas for it to stop.”