Sharing common ground

Published 11:29 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On July 11, I took my sister to the doctor for an appointment and waited for her in the lobby. The lobby was crowded, but no one was talking to each other. The television was on but I wasn’t paying it too much attention to it; I was engaged in my crossword puzzles.

While trying to figure out a 12-letter word for excitement (by the way it was feverishness), I heard the news talking about Donald Trump Jr. and the latest saga pertaining to Russia.

The lobby contained a diverse group of people. Some were black, some were white, some were Trump supporters, and some were not.

As the news anchor reported on Trump Jr. and Trump Sr., some folks nodded their heads in agreement while others shook their heads in disbelief; it was a divided room.

I got tired of hearing the news (and trying to figure out the 12 letter word) and introduced myself to the lady next to me. We were having a great conversation and eventually started talking about children. We spoke about how different things are now and how they use to be in the “good old days.” We reminisced about when we were children and how we had to be home at a certain time and if we were late coming home we would be punished. Soon, others in the waiting room started joining in and telling stories of having their mouths washed out with soap when they told a lie or really misbehaved. We all laughed and said “I remember that!”

We were having a great time — strangers from different backgrounds enjoying each other’s company and sharing fond memories. I started thinking that even though we may be different, when it all boils down, we share common ground. Eventually the news went off and the “Price is Right” came on. Everyone continued having a great time rooting for various contestants and screaming out what we thought the price should be.

When my sister came out she had a smile on her face because she got a good report from the doctor. I bid farewell to my new friends and left. My sister and I decided to do lunch to celebrate the good news. It was indeed a blessed day.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The K-V Dispatch. She can be reached at