Merger results are good

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It’s our hope the community shares our excitement with the results of the recently completed merger between the former Kenbridge Emergency Squad (KES) and Victoria Fire & Rescue.

Because of the hard work of administrators, volunteers and staff with the combined agency, a new ambulance, remodeling of the former Kenbridge Emergency Squad (KES) station and planned upgrades to cardiac monitors used for monitoring EKGs and other vital signs are among the changes taking place — all for the good of the people of Lunenburg County.

Back in February, when the decision was made to merge KES with Victoria Fire & Rescue, tensions were high when the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors held a public round-table discussion about the future of the squad.

Those previously and currently active and involved with Victoria Fire & Rescue, KES and the Kenbridge Fire Department are good people; there’s no doubt about that.

There’s also no doubt that the merger between the two rescue agencies was the right thing to do for the people of Lunenburg County.

The benefits are clear. Station 7 located at 915 E. 5th Ave. in Kenbridge will continue to be an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station, housing two EMS units for response to calls for assistance and continue to be a center for community activities.

According to a release from the Town of Victoria regarding the results of the merger, because of the dwindling volunteer base at the volunteer organizations where many volunteers were unable to run late-night calls, paid staff was hired to cover the hours.

It’s of the utmost importance for us to mention that, despite the success seen in the months since February in taking care of our residents in their hour of need, more hands are needed to make the live-saving operation more successful.

The more volunteers the stations have, the quicker help can get to those who need it most, reducing the need for paid staff, and, in turn, allowing community service and personal investment.

For those interested in volunteering at the two locations, applications can be picked up at either station or online at