Water leaks close schools Tuesday

Published 9:14 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Several water leaks were reported across Victoria on Monday and Tuesday as a result of maintenance being performed to an elevated water tank which is placing increased pressure on the town’s water lines.

Tuesday’s water leaks resulted in the closure of all public schools in Lunenburg County.

According to school officials, Central High had no water Tuesday and Lunenburg Middle School had some water in parts of the school.

One of Tuesday’s leaks was reported at the intersection of Park Avenue and Court Street.

“The work that we’re doing on the elevated water tank, basically we have taken our elevated water tank offline and we are using our ground-level tank and pumps to provide system pressure,” said Town Manager Rodney Newton, “and when you start using pumps on a system, it creates some movement in water that can aggravate some older pipes and cause leaks.”

Newton said as far as he knew everyone in town still had access to running water.

“They might have some fluctuation in pressure but there has been no water lost in town,” Newton said. “All repairs have been made without having to shut any water off,” Newton said.

He said residents may notice some discoloration in their water due to some breaks and the excess movement of water in the pipes.

“The discoloration will clear up with some

flushing,” Newton said.

Maintenance work on the elevated tank is expected to take eight weeks to complete and will include draining the tank, abrasive blasting of the interior surfaces to bare metal, applying prime coat and finish coat of epoxy that meets National Sanitation Foundation regulations for contact with potable water, cleaning and sterilizing the tank interior, pressure washing all exterior surfaces and applying two coats of paint to all exterior surfaces, according to a press release.