New Cub Scout Troop forms

Published 10:15 am Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A new Cub Scout Troop has been established to serve  the towns of Victoria and Kenbridge.

The troop meets at Victoria Christian Church on Thursdays from 6-7 p.m.

Kids from first through fifth grades can participate in activities, and the cost is $2 each month through December.

Courtney Shortridge supervises the troop, which began this spring. She does so with her husband, Nathan.

Courtney said there are currently close to 10 members of the troop with seven scouts attending regularly.

Courtney said the troop is currently performing activities that teach the scouts about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Once the scouts have finished their activities, she said they receive a belt loop or pin in recognition of their work.

She said the next segment of activities would focus on emergency situations and first aid.

Courtney said there had

been a Cub Scout Troop years ago in the area, noting it dissolved. The Boy Scout Troop in the area is still active, she said.

She said the troop is planning a hike in November, and had a mile-long hike at Twin Lakes State Park in the spring.

Courtney said the boys in the troop enjoyed it so much they begged to go again.

“When they finished the one-mile hike, the boys were so excited they said, ‘Let’s go on another one,’” Courtney said. “There was a lot of enthusiasm. They got to see a lot of wildlife.”

She encourages families to participate, and said there would be a recruitment event with additional information at area elementary schools in October.

She said the scouts handed out information during Cowboy Day over the summer.

For additional information, the Shortridges can be reached at (434) 865-0219 or (434) 917-4702.