‘Leaks on a daily basis’

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Utility crews with the Town of Victoria continue to work fixing a series of water leaks that have occurred following maintenance on an elevated water tank that began last month, placing increased pressure on the town’s water lines.

A water leak was reported on Lee Avenue on Monday.

Town Manager Rodney Newton said the town is fighting to correct almost daily reported leaks across the town.

“We’re battling leaks on a daily basis,” Newton said.

Water leaks on Aug. 30 resulted in the closure of all public schools in Lunenburg County after Central High School reported having no running water and Lunenburg County Middle School having some water in only parts of the school.

Newton said town

employees are working diligently to fix leaks, and users of the town’s water system may see decreased water pressure or some discoloration as a result of the maintenance.

He said the decreased pressure or discoloration does not pose a danger to the consumer, and said discoloration can come from turbulence from the water system.

“The water is still being tested (regarding) everything that is happening is within the water system,” Newton said. “Because of turbulence in the water, it stirs up some sediment.”

He said the discoloration will fade with time.

“Give it a little bit of time (and) the discoloration will settle back out and the water will clear back up,” Newton said.

Maintenance work on the elevated tank is expected to take eight weeks to complete and will include draining the tank, abrasive blasting of the interior surfaces to bare metal, applying prime coat and finish coat of epoxy that meets National Sanitation Foundation regulations for contact with potable water, cleaning and sterilizing the tank interior, pressure washing all exterior surfaces and applying two coats of paint to all exterior surfaces, according to a press release.

Those who see leaks in areas of the town or have lowered water pressure can contact the town at (434) 696-2343.