Krieger’s art on display

Published 9:09 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Showcasing soft tones and whimsical paintings, Kenbridge artist Robin Krieger aims to tell a good story through her expanded gallery currently on display at the Victoria Public Library through the end of October.

Krieger, of Kenbridge, said reflecting hope in her mixed media artwork and watercolor paintings is what most inspires her work.

“I like to tell stories,” Krieger said. “I want (people) to look at them and see what they mean to (them).”

She said she has a cabinet inside the library with her artwork she installed in the spring. The expanded gallery now includes more than 30 pieces along the walls of the room she completed over the summer.

Krieger said relieving stress is another reason why she paints as she has had to combat health-related issues.

Krieger said she had even worked on

pieces while undergoing dialysis treatments.

The pieces, which include flowers and soft colors — and even one of a bird wearing rain boots and holding an umbrella — are meant to make people smile.

Krieger said she even has a few pieces on display from an 8-year-old student she taught, the daughter of one of her friends.

She encouraged those pursuing art to take advantage of resources available online or at area bookstores.

“There are tons of artists out there,” Krieger said. “(Their works) will take your breath away.”

One piece, “Haunted,” has a more somber message. A woman with horns has two faces behind her, with all looking pensively on.

Krieger said “Haunted” might be her darkest work, exploring the things that haunt her and the characters in the painting.

“Most paintings are not dark,” Krieger said. “I like to express happy things, a good story — not the negativity you see in the world.”

Her second passion, Krieger said, is tending goats at her property. She said she has roughly 20 goats and that they have provided a lot of joy to learn about and care for.

“They’ve been a lifesaver for me,” Krieger said.

To learn more about the gallery, call the Victoria Public Library at (434) 696-3416 or visit