Baine featured on CNN

Published 1:34 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Coverage of Hurricane Irma has prompted relief efforts all over the country and in the Heart of Virginia.

Lunenburg County native Ed Baine, who serves as a Dominion Energy senior vice president for distribution Dominion Energy power delivery group, was featured on a Sept. 13 broadcast on CNN, detailing Dominion’s efforts in assisting those in Florida to restore power.

Baine addressed broadcaster John Berman during the report, saying the company had dispatched more than 750 Dominion employees and contractors to several areas in Florida affected by Hurricane Irma, which at the time of the broadcast had left more than five million customers without power.

“We have people in Tampa, in Orlando, and some that will be processed today to go to Daytona,” Baine said during the report. “I know there is a lot of damage there and our folks are there to help.”

Baine said being raised in Lunenburg County established a foundation that not only fostered his passion for engineering, but the drive to help those who need it most.

He said he was raised on a tobacco farm in Lunenburg where he helped members of his family care for the farm.

He attended Kenbridge Elementary School and graduated in the Class of 1991 from Central High School.

Baine credits numerous teachers for fostering his talent in mathematics, enrolling him in the Battle of the Brains competition in Richmond, formerly called Academic Competition for Excellence (ACE) and encouraging him to pursue engineering.

He remembers one teacher — Ms. Smyth — who took Baine out of his fourth-grade math class to work on math in the fifth-grade class.

Baine earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech. He went on to complete the advanced management program at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, according to Dominion Energy’s website. He is a registered professional engineer in Virginia.

Baine, 43, who currently lives in Chesterfield County, said living in Lunenburg gave him the support to pursue what he loved and use his career to help others.

“Growing up in the country gives you a strong foundation,” Baine said.

During Hurricane Irma, Baine said the company dispatched more than 750 employees and contractors to assist Floridians affected during the aftermath of the storm.

“We always know when there is a crisis, you respond to the bell for help,” Baine said.

For those interested in donating to hurricane relief, he said to give to the national or community-based organization that most inspires the individual.

“We suggest folks find the organizations they are most passionate about,” Baine said.