Church offers a helping hand

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, October 4, 2017

St. Matthew’s Baptist Church in Lunenburg County sponsored a donation gathering Saturday in front of Captain’s Choice, resulting in half a truck full of donated nonperishable goods given by 125 groups of people — including churches, individuals and other organizations — which will go to one of the areas affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey in the southeast.

Sidney Hill, left, and Alvin Reavis unload supplies brought in by Doris Fisher, right.

“There was a mass of people,” said Georgia Gordon, who assisted in gathering the supplies. “People didn’t just come in with items. They came in with boxes of items.”

She said the church is not sure where the donated items are going, but they know the items are going to the disaster area.

“Now, whether they are going to Florida or Houston, we are not sure. It depends upon what port we end up putting them into, but we are in hope that they are either going to go to Houston or Florida,” Gordon said.

She said the church is still gathering donations of nonperishable goods and water to send to the affected areas.

“If we could get 20 businesses to donate a pallet of water then that … trailer would be loaded,” Gordon said.

Those interested in donating can call Gordon at (434) 676-8059.

“We’ll have the church open so that we store it until we get enough that we can go over to the trailer to put it in there,” Gordon said.

She said the church thanks those who came out and supported their efforts Saturday.

Ann Gordon, of Gordon & Gordon Trucking Inc., is assisting the efforts by providing the trailer and hauling the supplies.