Commending Bridgeforth

Published 3:03 pm Wednesday, October 18, 2017

“I saw on the news today — 600 million women have had breast cancer,” said Nina Bridgeforth in a recent Dispatch article. “That’s a lot of women”.

She said 85 percent of women, have no family history of breast cancer. Bridgeforth, a breast cancer survivor herself, is the first person in her family to have had breast cancer.

“It’s just so big, and it’s so widespread, and we’ve got to do something,” Bridgeforth said. “We’ve got to fight for this cure. We’ve got to. And I’m willing to fight for a cure. I don’t want nobody to go through what I went through. And hopefully it doesn’t come back.”

To say Bridgeforth is an inspiration regarding her being a breast cancer survivor alone is an understatement. Add to that, the very successful first Pink Ribbon Sunday Breast Cancer Awareness Program she helped organize through the Missionary Circle at New Gilfield Reformed Zion Union Apostolic (R.Z.U.A.) Church in Victoria for what she hopes becomes an annual event, and Bridgeforth becomes beyond inspiring. Approximately 70 people attended the service that included praise dancing, scripture reading, prayer, poetry, singing, preaching and a presentation of gifts to survivors and family members of those who have died.

She highlighted the key weapon in the fight against breast cancer as being early detection, and recited a poem that touched upon courage, faith, hope and strength.

Bridgeforth said she does not have ideas yet for what the event could be like next year, “but I just know, there is so much that can be done, and this was like a rough run and see how it works. But I know how big it can get.”

We commend Bridgeforth for her ability to increase early breast cancer detection awareness and encourage all who may be at risk for breast cancer to get regular checks. We contend that while October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, all should be vigilant to spread information for the sake of awareness year round.