Kenston Forest Legacy Project

Published 2:51 pm Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We commend KFS English Instructor, Mrs. Susan Lenhart who assigns an oral history project to her English students every year. Students are required to interview someone from a different generation and who is special in their lives. They learn about what life was like in the past through the interviews. The students record the actual interview and retain the natural voice of the person. The interviewees recently attended a special program held at Kenston Forest School to hear special tributes for each of the special guests. The students’ projects are kept together and on file to share with others. Pictured are, from right to left  Sterling Crowder, KFS Junior, seated, Maxine Crowder, Sterling’s grandmother of South Hill, and Sterling’s interviewee, Dr. Lina Sue Crowder of Durham, NC. (Send us a “Pic Me Up” with names and information to