KFS cultivating knowledge

Published 10:48 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Students participating in Mr. Herring’s Earth and Sky class learn how and where their food comes from and the current challenges faced to produce the amount of food needed to feed the world. Teams of two students will experiment on plants to determine if they can increase plant productivity / plant vigor and work on practices to extend the normal growing season. Students will become aware of the challenges that every farmer faces due to environmental and biological impacts. The projected timeline for this gardening project is September 2017- June 2018. Mr. Tim Herring joined the KFS Faculty this school year. The Earth and Sky class is designed to give students an opportunity for hands on experience in all aspects of gardening, from garden planning, soil preparation, planting, plant care and finally harvest and consumption. When the students are not gardening, they will discuss topics in meteorology and astronomy. Pictured from left, William Kreis, Raleigh Wrenn, Javon Carter, Tyler White, Mr. Tim Herring, Ben Atkins and Tyler Borum. We commend Mr. Herring and the students for their commitment to learning and look forward to an update on the gardening project in June 2018. (Send a “Pic Me Up” with names and information to PicMeUp@KVDispatch.com).