Published 11:54 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On Oct. 19, 2017 at 3:26 p.m. in Middletown NY, I decided to observe nature. The sun was unusually hot for an autumn day as I sat on my son’s deck. I looked around and started admiring the beautiful hues of the various trees. The trees were yellow, red, brown, green and two beautiful purple ones. They seem to say “Look at us now, for we will be gone soon, enjoy our beauty today and see how gracefully we dance when the wind is blowing.” The birds seem to be enjoying the trees as much as I was because they were flying from one tree to another.

Later on two squirrels ran towards the pond behind the house, there were already two deers over there drinking. Something frightened the deer and they ran off but I didn’t see what it was.

After the deer left I gazed upon the grass. The gardener had cut the grass in the form of a checker board, the lines were going diagonal and vertical. It must have taken him hours to do such a magnificent job. After he finished the job I’m sure he admired his handiwork because I did.

A yellow jacket wanted to share my ice tea, I shooed him away but he kept returning. Eventually I left him alone because the deer and squirrels were back and they had my full attention. I watched the squirrels run up, down and around the tree while the deer grazed on the grass. The sun was really hot and although I should have gone inside it was such a beautiful and peaceful day that I decided to stay outside a little longer.

I wanted to walk to the pond behind the house but decided I would stay on the deck and continue to watch the trees blowing in the wind. The sky was now two shades of blue, light and dark with beautiful fluffy white clouds dancing in the sky. This is the type of day that makes you thankful to be alive. Sometimes we don’t feel as well as we would like but it’s a blessing just to be here.

The sun is going down and it’s getting cool so I’m going inside to read and relax some more. Before I went in I said, “Lord thank You for the beautiful day you provided me, thank You for the squirrels, the deer, the birds, and the trees. Lord I even thank You for that pesky yellow jacket. You are such a blessing.”

The next time you are outside, take a good look around at all the beauty Jesus has bestowed upon us and take a moment to say Thank You. Be blessed in Jesus name.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The K-V Dispatch. She can be reached at