Speaker presents website

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Members of the Lunenburg Chamber of Commerce heard a presentation given by a business owner who offered a different way to consolidate county information into one website.

Bill Hawkins, who operates AppomattoxYourWay and Fascitek LLC, started creating websites in West Virginia, said the websites can feature area businesses, churches and tourist attractions.

He said he has started creating websites in Virginia, using the website for Appomattox County as an example, and said similar to online search engines, people can type what they need into a search bar and get local results.

He said he could offer businesses, churches and commerce in Lunenburg County a similar website as the county, which he said unless businesses wanted to add extra features, would not come at a cost to them.

“You’re actually in control of how you’re found,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said for different localities, he and others have driven through streets in the county and have gone from store to store to ask if they wanted to be listed on the website. Each local search result, Hawkins said, would have a photo of the establishment, a description or another employee, contact information and directions.

“We get all of the businesses in every community, and we also get business out there on the back roads,” Hawkins said.

When asked by Chamber member Pat Israel about the potential cost of a website for Lunenburg, Hawkins said he could create a Lunenburg site for $74,592.

Participants questioned Hawkins about the site’s

reach, cost to businesses and churches and the process businesses would need to undergo to be included on the website.

Chamber member Lloyd Lenhart asked how businesses in town can be featured in other localities’ websites.

Hawkins said to be featured on other localities’ sites, it would cost $50 a year.

Chamber vice president Mike Hankins said after the meeting it would be too early to determine whether the chamber or county would be interested, but said he could see the potential effect it could have in Lunenburg.

“This program has the potential to increase business in Lunenburg County,” Hankins said. “It would help our local small-business owners and could bring visitors to our county. It will be a topic of conversation with the government(s) of Kenbridge, Victoria and Lunenburg County.”