To officers: our deepest thanks

Published 10:49 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A 12-year-old boy in the Town of Kenbridge recently underwent a horrible experience many of us never hope our loved ones will undergo.

A recent abduction with intention to defile that resulted in the arrest of the abductor, Eric Donte Harrison, shows not only the indomitable courage of the victim — who jumped out of the vehicle on a roadway where the speed limit is 55 miles an hour — but also shows the courage of the members of the Kenbridge Police Department, who took swift action in a situation where their lives and the life of the victim were at risk.

A release from Kenbridge Police cited that officers were able to identify and locate Harrison as the perpetrator within two hours, crediting the quick response to obtaining a surveillance video from a local store and having a bystander able to recognize Harrison in a photo printed out from the video and tell the police where he lived.

That being said, community members who took swift action to protect this victim and arrest the perpetrator deserve recognition as well. The release cites a witness who assisted the 12-year-old after seeing him jump from the vehicle and calling 911, and the employees and owners of a local store who were able to identify the perpetrator and his address.

Everyone at The Dispatch offer Kenbridge Police Lt. Tyler Anderson, Chief Raymond Hite, Lunenburg Sheriff’s deputies and Victoria police officer Greg Wallace our deepest appreciation for their crucial service in protecting this 12-year-old and countless others throughout their careers from harm.

While the perpetrator is under arrest, Chief Hite has asked members of the public to contact him at (434) 676-2452 during the day and at (434) 696-4452 through the Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Office if they have information about the abductor or the incident.