Preserving the beauty of Virginia

Published 12:32 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dear Editor,

Virginia is a lovely place, Victoria has nice people always willing to say “Hello” and really mean it when they say “Have a nice day.” We came to Virginia not long ago to retire. We came here for the trees. A short time ago I sat in a meeting where they discussed that lots of trees were cut and sold but not replanted. When we drive down the road in any direction from Victoria there are acres and acres of trees cut down with only ugly stumps in their place. What is Virginia without the trees? If all the trees are gone, what happens to Virginia? We need the trees. the beauty of the local trees makes living here worthwhile. It creates oxygen, gives homes to animals and shelter from driving winds. Sure, there are other places with more jobs and more resources but they don’t have what Virginia has. The life of Virginia is in the trees. We need to preserve them as best as we can. The cost of replanting is not that much but cost of losing all of Virginia’s trees is unbearable. Someone, everyone should take responsibility to ensure that Virginia’s beautiful asset is there for future generations.

Sue McCabe