Blankets for Veterans

Published 1:12 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Juniela Perez, Kenston Forest School (KFS) junior and Student Government Association (SGA) vice president, is leading a Blankets for Veterans project. Colonel Whit Bragg told Perez about the project of making blankets for hospitalized and or home-bound veterans during the holidays. KFS, SGA and Rotary Interact Club are supporting this project. An amount of $1,171.00 was raised to purchase materials needed to make the blankets. Nicci Bragg helped get the supplies and fabric, and Frannie Harris Schwabenton, Rotary Interact sponsor, helped organize the production. Bevell’s Hardware, Jo-Ann Fabrics and anonymous donors also contributed to help the cause. We commend Perez, Bragg, Schwabenton and others who helped contribute to this worthwhile and worthy cause. (Send a “Pic Me Up” with names and information to PicMeUp@