Flip the Script – Matthew 1:20

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Every year people like to watch Christmas movies…How the Grinch Stole Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, and more. In each movie, there is always a plot problem. Something that has to be figured out or fixed. We know even before we watch them; the way they begin, is not how they end.

In each movie, the writer’s flip the script or change the direction of the story … and it makes all the difference in how we experience the rest of the film. Why is this important? Because it causes us to invest some of ourselves in the characters, a longing to see things turn out good.

If you think about it, THE Christmas story is the same way. Joseph’s dreams are crushed. Mary is pregnant, and it isn’t his child. Public disgrace, what a disaster. The whole direction and meaning of his life was changed … horribly. But God flipped the script and turned doom and despair into the best dream that could have ever been dreamed.

How is God trying to flip the script of your life right now?


God, when everything seems headed for disaster, remind me that you are with me and can make a way when I can’t. Give me trust, hope, and anticipation of the good you can make of my mess. Amen.

Tim Beck is pastor of Kenbridge United Methodist Church. His email address is revtimbeck@gmail. com.