Bacon to advise Kenbridge

Published 9:42 am Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tessie Bacon, an attorney with the Harris, Matthews & Crowder firm, will advise the Town Council in the Town of Kenbridge as attorney, effective in January 2018, according to an announcement during the council’s Dec. 19 meeting.

Members of the council voted unanimously to appoint Bacon as attorney.

Calvin Spencer, who had served as the town’s attorney since 2000, said during the meeting that he would be stepping down due to demands from his position at Harris, Matthews & Crowder.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time serving here,” Spencer said. “But my practice has become more litigation-related.”

Town Mayor Emory Hodges said Spencer first made the announcement during the November council meeting.

Bacon, a native of Lunenburg County, had previously been employed with the CowanGates Law Firm before joining Harris, Matthews & Crowder and had served as an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Richmond School of Law, according to a biography on the Harris, Matthews & Crowder website.

Bacon also represents the towns of Blackstone, Crewe and Chase City, Spencer said during the meeting.

Bacon said in a phone interview that she has worked for the firm for six years as of February.

“I have assisted Mr. Spencer over the past few years in various things with Kenbridge,” Bacon said. “I actually am from Kenbridge and have lived in Kenbridge my whole life, so it’s nice to have that connection to people as well.”

Spencer, during the meeting, said he and Bacon work together within the firm, and he reflected on his time serving the town council and thanked members of the council for their work in the town.

“I wish there were 100 citizens in here tonight to hear this, but I don’t think people recognize how much work goes on behind the scenes, ” Spencer said, “the work that you do on behalf of the town because you want to see this town get to be the best it can possibly be. It’s not about any sort of financial benefit or personal gain. I think it’s remarkable.”

Hodges praised Spencer’s work, noting he and Spencer had joined the council at roughly the same time. Hodges said he looked forward to working with Bacon.

“Cal and I have worked closely together on a lot of different issues, and the majority of the time, he acted more like a council member than an attorney,” Hodges said. “He’s always had his heart and soul within this town for a long time. He has given this town solid advice, a lot of it free.”

“You’ve done an outstanding job,” Hodges said, addressing Spencer.

Bacon said she was excited to serve the Town of Kenbridge and to assist the town council.