Last day for Uptown

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Uptown Coffee Cafe, considered a staple on Victoria’s Main Street for approximately a decade, was open for business one last time Dec. 22.

Customers at the cafe stopped in that morning for coffees, specialty drinks and breakfast. Owners Jason and Jennifer Mattox were at the site with their family. Both owners and customers reflected on the cafe and its impact on the area.

Jason said he had been a full-time firefighter in Chesterfield County when he opened the Victoria cafe in 2007.

He said he would work shifts that lasted between 24 and 48 hours at the fire department and would work in the Victoria store on his days off.

The cafe had been at the intersection of eighth and Main streets before moving to its current Main Street location. In 2011, Jason said he left the fire department to open a store in Amelia. In 2014, the family closed the store in Amelia and opened its Farmville location.

“It’s been an emotional 10 years,” Jason said.

He said the demands of the location in Farmville, which has 26 employees and four full-time managers, and a need to spend time with his family prompted a difficult decision to close the Victoria location.

He encouraged members of the community to continue to see live music at the Farmville location at 236 N. Main St. on Thursdays and Saturdays and was grateful to the support from customers.

“We thank God for all He’s done for us,” Jason said.

Ronald Mattox, Jason’s father, who currently serves on the Victoria Town Council, said he has helped Jason paint and make repairs on the Victoria Main Street location, as well as bus and take orders.

“It gave me something to do, since I was retired,” Ronald said.

“I appreciate all of the people who are coming in and the people who have supported the cafe,” Ronald said.

Jennifer Harasemovech, who had worked for Uptown Coffee Cafe for six years, said her experience had given her a love for coffee and good memories with customers and co-workers.

“I like all of my customers,” Harasemovech said, “and I like all of my co-workers.”

Deborah and Mike Hankins said they would come by the cafe regularly and would spend date nights listening to live music at the cafe. Live music nights took place regularly for a while.

“The place was full on those nights,” Deborah said. “We all visited one another and ate.”

Nancy Snead, another frequent customer, said she would miss the company and coffee.

“I’m going to miss (it),” Snead said about the cafe. “They got me going with my lattes.”

Jennifer Mattox agreed with Jason and Ronald about the difficulty of saying goodbye, but they all said they were also looking forward to what was ahead.

“It’s an emotional ending,” Jennifer said. “We’re excited about the future.