Encouraging political participation

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We commend the Lunenburg County Democratic Party for its participation in the political process. Sen. Tim Kaine held a meet-and-greet Jan. 14 at the People’s Community Center and spoke regarding his run for re-election.

“We appreciate you taking the time out to talk to little old Town of Victoria,” said Love’s Mill Supervisor Edward Pennington prior to Kaine’s remarks.

Kaine noted how nice it was to see such a great crowd in attendance in Lunenburg on a cold Sunday.

He said when he was at the inauguration for Gov. Ralph Northam on Jan. 13, he saw Pennington “come in with a big Lunenburg crowd.”

“That bus had hardly come to a stop, and he jumped off of it,” Kaine joked, “and came over and said, ‘We’ll see you tomorrow.’”

Membership cards to the Lunenburg Democratic Party were passed out at the Jan. 14 meet-and-greet.

It’s important for all parties to have a say in the political process. Political participation is the basis for democracy. The Lunenburg Republican Party and the Lunenburg Democratic Party are great outlets for this participation. We encourage all to follow their beliefs and become a part of the community with the fine men and women of both organizations. We also encourage questioning the beliefs of your ideals and taking an unbiased look at the truth. Forming an opinion without the basis of facts is like building a house without a foundation. Always make sure your foundation is strong.