Remove sin from your life

Published 12:12 pm Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Well, this week I ask for your prayers. Hahaha. My daughter Ava is having her tonsils removed Friday. She’ll be fine, it’s the rest of us I’m worried about.

You know, tonsils have to be removed because they are prone to infection and can cause further complications as a child gets older. The doctors have come to recognize that even though they aren’t the source of the infection, eliminating them from the body will stop the infections from reoccurring.

Sin is the infection of our world. Things we do that causes separation between us and God. We turn our backs on God when we sin. There are certain things we do that, if eliminated from our lives, would eliminate some sin from our lives.

Putting ourselves in unhealthy situations, drinking too much of certain beverages, telling things that are untrue, searching Google for adult stuff, etc.

What do you need to remove from yourself in order to live a more healthy and happy, fruitful and faithful life?

Think on these things.

Tim Beck is pastor of Kenbridge United Methodist Church. His email address is revtimbeck@