Long sees county’s big heart

Published 12:32 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Though it’s been nearly 10 years since Central High School Principal John Long has worked with the division school system in several leadership roles, he said he is continually moved by the people and sense of community in the area.

“I have been an administrator in Lunenburg County since 2009,” Long said. “This is my third year as principal of Central High School. Previous to working at Central I was principal at Kenbridge Elementary School and Assistant Principal at Lunenburg Middle School.”

Principals often have the tasks of not only ensuring a good environment for student learning, but also works with faculty, administration, maintenance and school programs.

Long said it’s not all hectic.

“My favorite part about working for the school system has been working with the students, parents, and other employees in Lunenburg County,” Long said. “I have been so fortunate to get to work with wonderful people that care deeply about the students, community and its people. Lunenburg County has a big heart.”

The big-heartedness of the county has a special place in Long’s own heart, he said, noting members of the community and their commitments to causes that they believe in.

“To me there is no other place like Lunenburg County,” Long said. “There are great people with family friendly values here. This is what drew me to Lunenburg.”

Long said he hopes to instill similar values. When asked what three words he would best use to describe himself, Long said, “Compassionate, responsible and honest.”

As principal of Central, it’s not uncommon for Long to walk by the gymnasium walls emblazoned with the Chargers mascot logo, or to attend sporting events from the school’s athletics. What many might not know is that in his free time, Long also takes part in some casual athletic activities, playing a game of football or frisbee with his daughters.

When asked about his hobbies, Long said he enjoys, “spending time with my two daughters Rowan and Piper throwing the football or Frisbee.”

He said he’s also enjoyed “good conversation with my wife Louise and walking.”

“I have lived in Lunenburg County since 2010 and I consider this home,” Long said.